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We may ask for some personal information to answer your queries or if you wish to be notified about the Play Your Way Into Production game's release, download the final game, or if you wish to contact us to make an enquiry. This may include your name and e-mail address.

Your information is stored electronically and shared with the Screen Industries Growth Network/University of York for research purposes. Any personal information that is provided will be used only for the purpose stated at the time we request it. All personal data supplied is held in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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The Play Your Way Into Production website uses Chartbeat to monitor real time traffic. This system is completely anonymous and does not use cookies. We also use Google Analytics which does not record any personal information. We are using Google Analytics to help us improve the website in the future. For more information about the cookies that Google Analytics uses, see "What do the cookies contain?" further down the page.


The Play Your Way Into Production website does not use any cookies that store personal or sensitive data. Our site occasionally uses 'caching' which means it stores some of its less frequently updated pages in an optimised way to make them faster to download to site visitors.

This website is protected by WP Cerber, a leading website security solution that protects the site against hacker attacks, spam, and malware. WP Cerber sets several anonymous browser cookies with the sole purpose of securing the website by detecting and mitigating malicious activity. These cookies have randomly generated names and contain randomly generated values. No personal or sensitive data is stored.

What do the cookies contain?

The cookies used by WP Cerber contain randomly generated alphanumeric values. No personal data is used. WP Cerber’s cookies are strictly necessary and no natural person is associated with them. The cookies used by Google Analytics do not contain any personal information and your IP address is anonymised. These cookies are used to distinguish individual site visitors. They contain a unique set of numbers that show whether you are a new visitor to  thePlay Your Way Into Production website, or a returning one. They form a unique, persistent, and non-personally identifiable 'number string' that represents you as a site visitor.

This information lets us know how much traffic we get to which pages, how long people spend on those pages, how people actually find the Play Your Way Into Production website, and helps us learn how to improve the site in the future.

*Note that the cookie_notice_accepted cookie (!) stores a value of true or false so that we know whether you have accepted our cookie privacy policy.

Who is responsible for this website?

This website was built and developed by One to One Development Trust. Any queries about the website should be sent to info@onetoonedevelopment.org

Your rights to your personal information

You have a right to request a copy of any personal information that we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies in this data corrected. If you have any comments or concerns regarding this policy please contact our data protection controller in writing at the following address:

One to One Development Trust
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